Products of Interest for DSC

DSC is a manufacturer of organophosphorus and metal organic products and we welcome all new product inquiries. Very often we get asked how does DSC select the products we’re interested in. As a matter of fact we have a very simple selection process. Our manufacturing plant in Canada contains a number of reactors ranging from 10 to about 1000 liters. From this facility we have to draw a certain income to pay the bills: mortgage, utilities, salaries… which determine the minimum turnover we need to achieve to operate our plant in the current setup. Dividing this required turnover by the available annual capacity leads to a product price of roughly $500/kg on average for volumes of up to 2000kg/a per customer.

If our customers require larger volumes DSC has the opportunity to work with approved toll manufacturers using our technology to supply larger volumes at a lower price. The quality of these products even if manufactured outside is guaranteed by DSC’s in house analytical department. In any case we find it very difficult to supply products at a price of below $20/kg at any volume.

The segments DSC finds attractive are the Pharma, Flavour and Fragrance market but also the catalyst market, in particular the market that requires Phosphine Ligands. These markets are in need of low volume/ high quality products as well as the Elelctroncis market that is in need of very high quality organo metalic products.

There are a range of segments that traditionally require high volume organophosphorus products at very low prices. These market segments are not particularly attractive to DSC:
Flame Retardants usually require a price < $10/kg
Oil additives/ friction modifier usually require a price < $10/kg|
Textile Auxillaries usually require a price < $10
Water Treatment Additives usually require a price < $10
Surfactants usually require a price < $10/kg

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