Commercial License for Buchwald Ligands

We are a manufacturer of high quality organophosphorus and organometallic chemicals known for its agility to innovate and meet rigid timelines. To address requirements of global pharmaceutical, specialty chemical and semiconductor markets for efficient and effective technologies, DSC is pleased to announce that our worldwide license for the Buchwald organophosphine ligands from M.I.T.  has been upgraded to a full commercial license. The license covers both composition of matter and the use of the ligands in metal-catalyzed processes and will give DSC’s customers access to proven superior tools for planned process chemistry and engineering milestones.
The Buchwald ligands, such as JohnPhos, BrettPhos, SPhos and XPhos, have been utilized in a broad range of palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions, including Heck, Suzuki, Buchwald-Hartwig, Sonogashira and alpha arylations. The Buchwald family of ligands allow for coupling of inexpensive aryl chlorides, in addition to the more typical aryl bromides, in the preparation of C-C, C-N, and C-O bonds. Generally, the active catalyst is generated in-situ from the ligand and a palladium species.
“The addition of the Buchwald ligands to our existing range of chiral and achiral phosphine ligands broadens the solutions we can offer to our customers for coupling chemistry,” states Christine Harnett, VP Business Development Pharma. “These products are an excellent fit for DSC with our core competency in organophosphorus chemistry and our expertise in scale-up of synthetic processes.”

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