VDPE available from DSC

We have recently begun supplying this product in multi-hundred-kilo quantities. The driver for the project was a major industrial customer who was looking for a new supplier for the material.
Vinylidene-1,1-diphosphonic acid, tetra-iso-propyl ester (VDPE) is a liquid that has been used in several industries. VDPE, and acids derived from VDPE, have been used in polymeric flame-retardants, manufacture of ion exchange resins, and some pharmaceutical applications. VDPE has been used as a biological agent for the inhibition of anomalous deposition and mobilization of calcium phosphates in animal tissues. The central olefin is reactive towards P-, N-, S-, and in some cases, C-nucleophiles in a Michael Reaction to form bis(phosphonate) entities. VDPE can be polymerized into polymers to create specialized resins with bis(phosphinate) functionalities.

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